I recently was interviewed by Duncan who asked me some great questions.

We discussed several topics related to nutrition to maximize body composition and performance such as:

  • Total Daily Energy Expenditure – how much we burn per day based on recommended caloric intake levels
  • Immune System recovery and thoughts on the “anabolic window” post-exercise

I really enjoyed the part in the presentation of “Lifting Stuff Using Carbs,” where I was asked, “Could you explain how your research has determined optimal levels of carbohydrate and protein intake before/after exercise?”

And more great questions from Duncan . . .

Thoughts on fasted lifting sessions? Better put: Would you recommend a general population client lifting heavy, say, 1 hour after waking and before eating?

The importance of an early-morning walk (or 60% VO2Max training before breakfast). How has this impacted your life not only in terms of fat-loss, but creativity, mindset, etc.?

Intermittent Fasting: Where a general population client should start…what strategy has found to be most effective based on your research?

Ketogenic Dieting: With such an increase in popularity, what do you see being done incorrectly? What are good recommendations for someone looking to start Keto?

Thank you, Duncan, for asking such awesome questions.