The other AM on my walk / run when I was in in Ventana, Mexico they had the local Farmer’s Market.   I opted to take a look and found everything from local smoked tuna (quite tasty), to strawberries, local crafts, veggies, and wonderful baked goods.

To my surprise, I even saw a local CBD vendor.  Yep, in a super small Mexican town like La Ventana at the local farmers market.

CBD goes mainstream.

This (along with an inbox that gets tons of questions about CBD) is proof that CBD is everywhere now.

But is CBD helpful and worth the price?

If you haven’t already, check out the  video of my presentation I did for the fine folks at RP Strength on that topic.

If you did not watch it, the super short answer is a big….maybe.

There is data that CBD may help some anxiety issues, neuro inflammation, and other benefits.

The downside is that CBD is everywhere now, and I would not trust most of the companies manufacturing it.

I know many people who work in supplement manufacturing and I have personally consulted for a few companies, so I know the inner workings of what really goes on.    There are a couple companies working to do it the right way and a piss ton of fly-by-night “let’s put ditchweed in a bottle since most people won’t know” companies too.

My go to for CBD and mixed cannabinoids is Charlotte’s Web.   I’ve personally toured their faculty and spent 2 days with them.   Great company and wonderful, passionate people working to do it the right way.

You Win

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Dr Mike