One of the main questions I’ve been getting a ton recently right after “should I go keto?” is:

What is the effect of cannabis or CBD on exercise performance and recovery?

I’ve written a bit about this before, but now I have a full video on just that put out by the fine folks at Renaissance Periodization below.

Impact of Cannabis/ CBD on Exercise Recovery and Adaptation

My go to source for CBD and cannabinoids is from Charlotte’s Web and you can get them through Driven Nutrition by clicking the banner below.

Driven Nutrition CBD from CW

Make sure you use the code drmike at check out to save 15% – which is a screaming deal on legit products.

I was able to tour their facility last year and spent two days with them. Amazing people, amazing company, top notch product and it has full traceability.

If you use the link above I do make some clams as it is an affiliate link, but it is what I personally use.


Dr Mike T Nelson