Another factor that you may have not considered is your current VO2 max.

This goes by other names such as “aerobic base” or ‘aerobic capacity.”

I am not going to split a hairy rat’s butt hairs about the difference.

Typically you can get a VO2 max test done with fancy equipment, but what if you don’t have any?
There is a way to test yourself and find out how you rate!
6 Steps to do a VO2 Max test
1) Go find a Concept 2 Rower – most gyms have one.
2) Get on and warm up
3) Set the PM5 (computer on it) to “distance” and “2,000 M”
4) Start rowing like a bat out of hell – but still pace yourself.
5) Prepare to be humbled. It will suck very large moose balls.

6) Record your time and plug it in at the Concept 2 site at

**Note-you will want to check the “drag factor” first and make sure it is between 110-130 depending on your weight. Here is a video on how to set it:

On the Concept 2 page, you can see how you compare against norms.
  • If you are below average, you have some work to do.
  • If you are above average or on the high end, you are doing great in the aerobic department.
There you have a simple 6 step method with minimal equipment to determine your aerobic fitness.
A huge hat tip to Dr Kenneth Jay who went over this and a ton of other material in the second module of the Carrick Human Performance Program.
Do the test and hit me back on what you find!
Dr Mike


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