Another factor that you may have not considered is your current VO2 max

This goes by other names such as “aerobic base” or ‘aerobic capacity.”

I am not going to split a hairy rat’s butt hairs about the difference.

Typically you can get a VO2 max test done with fancy equipment, but what if you don’t have any?

There is a way to test yourself and find out how you rate!

6 Steps to do a VO2 Max test

1) Go find a Concept 2 Rower – most gyms have one.

2) Get on and warm-up.

3) Set the PM5 (computer on it) to “distance” and “2,000 M”

4) Start rowing like a bat out of hell – but still pace yourself.

5) Prepare to be humbled. It will suck very large moose balls.

6) Record your time and plug it in at the Concept 2 site.**Note-you will want to check the “drag factor” first and make sure it is between 110-130 depending on your weight. Here is a video on how to set it:

On the Concept 2 page, you can see how you compare against norms.

If you are below average, you have some work to do.

If you are above average or on the high end, you are doing great in the aerobic department.


There you have a simple 6 step method with minimal equipment to determine your aerobic fitness.

A huge hat tip to Dr. Kenneth Jay who went over this and a ton of other material in the second module of the Carrick Human Performance Program.

Do the test and hit me back on what you find!

Dr. Mike

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