As you may know, I’m a Research and Human Performance Science Advisor at Tecton. I’ve been guzzling this elixir for months, and let me tell you, it’s a far cry from the gut-churning swill that masquerades as ketone esters on the market – haha.

Full disclosure, I’m not just an acolyte; I’m a full-blown ambassador for these mad scientists. If you dare to peer into the abyss, you can learn more right here, right now.

But enough about the mundane details of corporate allegiances, my friend. Let’s peer into the tumultuous whirlwind of travel, snowboarding on the jagged edges of reality, courting the icy breath of high altitude, and indulging in a few libations of the adult persuasion (last night, I communed with a S’mores stout at the 3 Bears Brewery in Banff)…

…all of this is to say that my body’s recovery metrics are a cacophony of chaos.

But here’s the gospel truth, my deranged disciples…

While my stress levels may have skyrocketed to the stratosphere, this trip has been a mind-bending odyssey through the most awe-inspiring mountains that Mother Nature ever birthed. It’s been a ton of fun with my sister and friends, amidst the backdrop of pretty decent snow and warm temperatures.

The key is that once the storm clouds disperse, you mustn’t dawdle.

No, you must snap back into your groove with the ferocity of a tiger on angel dust.

For example,, I’ll be back in my lair come this Monday, with my training and nutrition already planned out for the week ahead.

None of that “I’ll start tomorrow” nonsense, for I shall return to my routine with violent consistency.

Embrace the chaos and surf the wave of stress, for within it lies the path to eternal gainZ – muscle, strength, and a better physique.

Much love,
Dr. Mike