Today, in the grand tradition of packing for an expedition into the great unknown – or just the local gym; as fate would have it – I find myself assembling a survival kit worthy of a great journey.

Among the essentials, nestled between the protein powder and creatine, is a packet of LMNT.

You might ask, with a twinkle of curiosity in your eye, “What the heck is LMNT?”

Allow me to illuminate you, dear reader, on this high-octane concoction.

Imagine, if you will, a drink spiked not with the usual suspects but with electrolytes, swinging heavy on the sodium scale.

“Hold up,” you might interject, “isn’t sodium the villain in our nutritional horror show?”

Ah, but here’s where the plot thickens and the madness sets in.

Consider two scenarios in this twisted tale of nutrition and debauchery:

Case 1 involves your neighbor, Benchwarmer Bob, a creature more cushion than man, whose idea of a workout involves lifting a can of what might generously be called beer and engaging in the scratching of ye ole nut sack.

For Bob, whose diet is a carnival of horrors, more sodium is like throwing gasoline on a dumpster fire. The man needs greens . . . not as in cash, but the kind you might find in a salad, and a protein source that is not a mystery meat from a can or deep friend into oblivion.

Then there’s Case 2, which, if you’re following this narrative, is you – the Anti-Bob.

A specimen of human excellence who doesn’t shy away from the gym or the great outdoors.

Your diet isn’t a parade of processed nightmares but a cornucopia of whole foods. Yet, in this exercise of life, you find yourself sweating out the very electrolytes that keep your engine running.

Enter LMNT, the elixir for those of us battling against the mediocrity of modernity.

This isn’t just any electrolyte mix; it’s a lifeline in a packet . . . a beacon of taste in a sea of blandness, conjured by flavor wizards who’ve managed to make the concept of drinking saltwater not just palatable but desirable.

So, as I prepare to face the elements, whether in the sweltering heat here in Mexico or the absurd cold of a Minnesota, I arm myself with LMNT. It’s my shield against dehydration, my companion on flights that dry me out faster than a frat boy at a keg rager.

And here’s the kicker – the pros at LMNT are so confident in their concoction that they have a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not like it for any reason, you get all your clams back; no questions asked.

You can also score a free box when you buy three, get one free. Go to the link below for the deets as the kids say.


I tip my hat to you, dear reader. As you prepare to dive headfirst into the fray, remember this – in the quest for hydration and health, sometimes the maddest choice is the sanest one.

Yours in the pursuit of salty goodness,

Dr. Mike

P.S. Venture forth and explore the realm of LMNT electrolytes below. Yes, it is an affiliate link so I do make a few pesos off it. They also give you a 100% money back guarantee to boot.


Rock on!
Dr Mike