I was thrilled to interview my good friend Dr. Susan Kleiner about the importance of fueling your training for a long and meaningful athletic career, especially females. If you are a trainer/coach, learn how to coach your athletes to overcome fears/obstacles regarding food.
We discuss:
* Anecdotes from her early work with steroids and steroid-testing in the 80s and 90s
* Prevalence of female (and male) athletes who under-eat
* Where the notion that females don’t burn calories at the elite level in the same way as males began
* Principle of low energy availability and relative energy deficiency in sport (REDS)
* Coaching an athlete to eat more
* Red flags to look for as a coach/trainer
* When to refer the client to a specialist

Flex Diet Podcast: S2 Ep 7 Female Athletes and Eating to Fuel Performance with Dr. Susan Kleiner

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