*From HPA podcast

I’m honored to be interviewed by David Nolan on his podcast, HPA – Progression Through Knowledge.
David does a wonderful job providing great information which is true to his company’s mission and name, Human Performance Advancement.
My Favorite Sciency Topics  <<Click Here to Listen>>
Thank you so much, David, for letting me yammer on about some of my favorite topics and asking awesome questions.
What did we chat about?
MetFlex, HRV, Stress & Sleep <<Listen to our chat here>>
·      Metabolic flexibility; what is it? (2:30)
·      How do we increase MetFlex? (8:36)
·      Fasted walking (16:00)
·      Heart Rate Variability (18:33)
·      How to measure HRV (22:11)
·      Sympathetic vs parasympathetic nervous system (23:27)
·      Transition time indicates health (27:45)
·      Stress and sleep (31:30)
·      Sleep: the magic bullet? (37:47)
·      Biggest mindset mistake (42:31)
Take time to listen to our packed podcast!
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Dr Mike