*From openskyfitness.com

Recently, I recorded a great podcast with Rob of Open Sky Fitness about how to get faster results (body comp and performance).

In it, we discussed:

  • My general weekly plan that he provides for new clients.
  • The major lifts you should learn for overall strength and adjustments you can do over time.
  • How often you should actually switch up your weekly workout.
  • How much time you should actually be spending at the gym.
  • Metabolic Flexibility vs. Inflexibility – What it is and how our bodies adjust and adapt to using what we eat as fuel.
  • How to create a plan that works for your schedule, fitness goals, and nutrition focus.
  • How lack of sleep can intensely, negatively affect our glucose levels.
  • The Ketogenic Diet – Is there a danger for people who stay on it for long periods of time?

Dr Mike