In This Episode

Implementing HRV or other biomarkers with your coach/client?

Mike Nelson breaks down how to be more effective in both online and in-person coaching when it comes to using data and self-quantifying metrics like Heart Rate Variability.

Mike’s PhD focused on both HRV and Metabolic Flexibility, and he’s known for his successful online coaching of remote clients ranging from elite bodybuilding and powerlifting to general health and weight loss.


  • Coaching online clients with HRV
  • Blood testing, omega 3s
  • Push device, force/velocity measures during exercise
  • Pros/cons of 24/7 wearables & sleep trackers
  • How to save time while getting good data
  • Identifying different metrics to use with different clients
  • Why it takes time for clients to understand the value of HRV
  • The affect of self quantification on self awareness
  • Certain patterns in HRV that people don’t understand
  • Patterns of under training
  • What to do for clients that only work out once or twice a week
  • The fallacy of self diagnosis
  • The power of accountability
  • Why online coaching makes it easier to over train
  • How HRV can measure the “cost” of performance
  • What affects HRV more, nutrition, training or sleep?
  • Local soreness vs systemic stress

Jason Moore