Dr. Mike T Nelson interviews Jeb and Dean from Stronger U to provide practical tips for both fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

Episode Notes

  • Jeb explains his background, including a stint as a celebrity hairstylist
  • Dean talks about his experience teaching and how that led to coaching and nutrition
  • Balancing nutrition coaching without doing the training component
  • Encouraging clients to do more
  • Talking about what works without getting neurotic
  • Transformations and timing
  • Dealing with emotions and data
  • Avoiding codependency
  • Find Jeb at www.foodonthemind.com where he has a daily blog and podcast. Instagram: @jebstuartjohnston
  • Find Dean on Instagram: @guedo.power
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  • Go to www.flexdiet.com to enroll.
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S_2_EP_15: All About Coaching: Interview with Jeb and Dean from Stronger U

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