Yep, I think it is still sucks large moose balls, and I have not changed my mind on it.

In fact, after 4 days of fresh tissue cadaver dissection here in AZ with Tom Myers, I am even more convinced it is a waste of time and may make you worse.

Not only does a prolonged static stretch REDUCE muscle power, I can’t figure out why it is called “muscle” stretching since while you are pulling on the muscle, you are pulling on everything else too.

In fact, you are pulling (stretching) a whole group of muscles as they are all attached to EACH OTHER via fascia (think – connective tissue).

Imagine you Saran wrapped each muscle and then started saran wrapping groups of them together. You are getting close to how static stretching looks. Do that many more times and you are closer yet.

The past 2 days, I spent about 8 hours dissecting out the quads and hamstring compartments.

Why so long (other than I am a slow dissector)? Most of that time was spent cutting away all the fascia and other tissue! It is everywhere. Literally everywhere.

When you put a “muscle” into a stretch position, you are pulling on all of that tissue plus tissue that is even farther away. That farther away tissue is connected too.

Do this: move your right arm all the way out to your side and allow your hips to rotate back. Where did you feel it? I am willing to bet you felt it all the way in your opposite hip and maybe into your leg / knee or ankle.

If you held that position, what “muscle” are you stretching?

Summary: It is my bias that static stretching is worthless and may be making you worse over time.

Do some type of movement based mobility instead. And even above that, make sure your lifting is on point since that is much bigger load to your body; hence, the ability to make greater changes.

Adios, static stretching,
Dr Mike Nelson

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