As you know, I’m a huge kiteboaring fan.  In January of 2019, I hit up La Ventana, Mexico (Baja) hoping to kiteboard.  I got in 2.5 days only out of 8 days there as the wind had other ideas.

Such is life, and I know you don’t feel any sympathy for me, especially when there was a polar vortex dropping temps to -26 F in Minnesota.

Temperature Adaptations

I always find it interesting how your body will adapt to the temperature.   The locals in Baja at this time were wearing winter coats because it got to 64 F.

Brrrrrr my glute max. I got several odd looks wearing a t-shirt and shorts at night when it got even colder…..55 F.   I also came from Minnesota in the Winter and the reverse happens when I go to Costa Rica to teach in March when I almost drown in a constant pool of my own sweat.

Kiteboard Lesson – It is Go Time!

Upon arriving there is always the anticipation of getting on the water and kiteboarding in addition to seeing the rare yellow object in the sky that actually radiates warmth. Although I’ve been kiteboarding on and off since 2005 (silly PhD cut into my water time in the past), I still get nervous to go ride on day 1 of a trip.

This happened again when we arrived this particular Sunday.  I got up at 3 am to get on 2 flights, customs, then a 2+ hour drive to reach my destination.  We arrived to find the wind was up, so if we hurried we could ride before the wind died.

I debated back and forth and could hear myself trying to justify why I should not go out.

“Hey, you are here for 8 days; there will be plenty of time.”

“La Ventana is one of the most consistently windy places in the world; there will be more wind in the next few days.”

“You got up at 3 am on 4 hours sleep, chill out and relax for once.”

In the end, I ignored all the voices.  I’ve been here before.   I know it is just my brain looking for ways out of the first ride in a new place as it takes me a few hours to get used to it again.

Plus, I came here to kiteboard, there is wind, my ribs are feeling about 90%, now (I cracked them on a snowboard turn gone wrong several weeks prior).

Time to quiet the inner voices and test it out.   If I get on the water and everything goes to h-e-double-hockey-sticks in a basket, I will just come back in.  No harm; no foul.

In hindsight, I made the right call.  We had great wind for 2.5 days and then…..


As in nada, zero, zip, bubkiss.


In the meantime I can’t do anything to magically turn the wind on no matter how many beers I sacrifice (er drink) in toast to the wind gods.

The Fitness Lesson

I am glad I got out on the first day.   It was not my best day by far; however, the next day felt better and the third day was great and back on track.

You may not kiteboard and give a whole 2 Mexican pesos about it; however, the same principles apply to the days you don’t want to do the next step on your fitness journey.

Somehow your glue max got stuck to the couch watching that new series on Netflix (don’t ask me what it is as I have zero idea).

Chicken and veggies again…..argh.  Boring. Doughnuts taste better.

High-intensity cardio? Bah- that crap will cut into my gainZ, bro.  I am skipping it.

Leg day?  I would rather look like a light bulb and wear pants at the pool.

You get the idea.

My advice?  Do it anyway.

Test it.

Go to the gym, find a bar or kettlebell and move your keester towards the floor.

Go to the store, buy the dead animal, and cook it.   Ditto for veggies.

Hate the rowing machine for 500M intervals?  Join the club.  Do it anyway.  Just think, it could be a max 2k or a super fun 3-minute all-out lactate test.  Here is mine below for fun, with cracked ribs and Dr Kenneth Jay taking lactate from me.

Live Nerdy Testing from the Carrick Human Performance Program

Do it.

Worse case you can pull the plug on the workout if something goes sideways, but relish the mental victory that you did the hard thing today.

Every time you do, it gets just a tiny bit easier.

You are either getting closer to your goal or farther away. The next step of the journey is up to you.  It is go time!

Dr Mike