Collagen / gelatin before training can help with soft tissue remodeling.

The main study(Shaw et al.)  had 3 groups 1) placebo, 2) 5 grams and 3) 15 grams.  I looked up the amino acid content of gelatin vs collagen and both will work as they are virtually identical.

Here is the quote from the study:

“Thirty to sixty minutes before training, athletes should be encouraged to consume 15 g of gelatin in either a liquid or gel form [46]. The exact amount of gelatin and whether this will vary with body weight is currently being determined.”

Test it out.

Test out collagen or gelatin at 15 grams (about 1/2 of a normal protein scoop) about 30 -60 min BEFORE exercise.  This would be in addition.

If you want more info, here is a video I did 

Nerd Fuel (References):

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Shaw study

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