Iodine for Thyroid

This week we’re talking about some micronutrients that you want to potentially watch out for, and today is all about iodine for thyroid. They can be more toxic or at least carry with them an increased risk if you’re going crazy on them. Anytime you mention thyroid, a lot of people are utterly convinced that they have a thyroid problem because they can’t lose weight.

Now, that’s probably not true, although definitely can happen. The thyroid is related to that. What I’ve seen in general, excluding any type of pathologies, is that the thyroid is often just responding to what you’re doing. So, if you’re dramatically slashing your calories overnight, it would make sense that your thyroid function would go down, right? And so we’re not going to do a whole in-depth talk about the thyroid, which maybe you’re happy about or maybe you’re disappointed. So, let me know your thoughts on that. We can talk more about that in the future. But today’s topic is a micronutrient related to the thyroid… iodine.

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Dr. Mike


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