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Gather ’round ye ole iphone as we plunge headfirst into the twisted, mind-bending world of “The Health and Performance Podcast.”

We explore the mysteries of fitness adaptations and the hazy terrain of cannabis’s impact on health, performance, and pain.

🏋️‍♂️ Fitness Adaptations Unveiled:

Ever wondered how quickly you can lose those hard-earned gains? Dr. Mike Nelson takes us on a journey through the treacherous landscape of fitness adaptations. Hold on tight, because the answers might just blow your mind.

🌿 Cannabis: Friend or Foe?

We’re venturing into uncharted territory here, folks. Dr. Nelson dives deep into the controversial world of cannabis, unearthing its secrets and uncovering its impact on your health, performance, and pain management. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of insights.

Join us, my fellow seekers of truth, for a trip down the rabbit hole as we navigate through the turbulent waters of human performance and the psychedelic haze of cannabis.

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Dr. Mike T Nelson

Dr. Mike T Nelson

PhD, MSME, CISSN, CSCS Carrick Institute Adjunct Professor Dr. Mike T. Nelson has spent 18 years of his life learning how the human body works, specifically focusing on how to properly condition it to burn fat and become stronger, more flexible, and healthier. He’s has a PhD in Exercise Physiology, a BA in Natural Science, and an MS in Biomechanics. He’s an adjunct professor and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine. He’s been called in to share his techniques with top government agencies. The techniques he’s developed and the results Mike gets for his clients have been featured in international magazines, in scientific publications, and on websites across the globe.

  • PhD in Exercise Physiology
  • BA in Natural Science
  • MS in Biomechanics
  • Adjunct Professor in Human
  • Performance for Carrick Institute for Functional Neurology
  • Adjunct Professor and Member of American College of Sports Medicine
  • Instructor at Broadview University
  • Professional Nutritional
  • Member of the American Society for Nutrition
  • Professional Sports Nutrition
  • Member of the International Society for Sports Nutrition
  • Professional NSCA Member