Yes, that is the name of the latest nutrition fad ( metabolic confusion just in case you missed it) as it appears. Did someone raise Joe Weider from the dead and asked him to profess the next nutritional craze!

Here’s how one article describes it:

“Creating metabolic confusion through carb cycling is the best way to help endomorphs lose weight. With constant alterations in the level of carbs in the body, the creation of confusion in the body’s metabolism can help endomorphs tackle carb insensitivity and deal with slower metabolisms in a much more efficient way.”


Newsflash to the eel-shaped rakes licking windows at Planet Fitness – eating a donut one day and a whole pizza the next will not “confuse” your metabolism. True there are some benefits to cycling carbohydrate amounts in some cases, but it is not from adding confusion to your metabolism.

Any attempts to outsmart your body will fail, since we are just not that smart and this totally includes yours-nerdy.

The amount we know about physiology, while impressive, pales in comparison to what we don’t know.

Have no fear though; there are ways to improve body composition that does not involve a crazy 17 step process to keep “your metabolism guessing.”

That is why I created the Flex Diet Cert where I focused on eight different interventions like carbs, fat, protein, NEAT, sleep, micronutrition, and more. I took my 12 years of studying metabolic flexibility – both via actual published research and from coaching real clients – into a system that you can apply to both yourself and your clients.

A simple action item from the FDC is to do the 4 x 40 approach.

4 meals at 40 grams of protein in each meal.

If you are a slender mammal, you can do the 4 x 30 grams approach.


No confusion or “metabolic magic.”

Look for the Flex Diet Cert opening again for a limited time in early January.

Simple actions with violent execution.

Dr.  Mike

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