The Physiologic Flexibility Cert – How to maximize recovery techniques for better stress resilience goes live this coming Tuesday (Nov. 10)!

I am super stoked about this one as I have been actively looking at this concept for well over 5 years.

As I mentioned in the past, I started doing research on the concept of metabolic flexibility 13 years ago which sent me down the path of different ways to enhance physiology.

In the meantime, recovery techinques like hot and cold exposure have been more “sexy” along with breathing techniques.

This is great, but I have not seen anyone yet put them into a complete system.

How do you know when to use Wim Hoff supraventilation methods? What is the underlying physiology?

Coldwater may enhance recovery from exercise, but is there a downside of when you do not want to use it (the answer is yes)?

What about other homeostatic regulators like blood gas (oxygen and carbon dioxide) and blood glucose / fuels?

Are carbs really bad if you have 80 grams and your blood glucose only tops out at 130 vs Benchwarmer Bob who has the exact same 80 gm dose yet his blood glucose skyrockets to 280?

All questions that I will cover in this course.

The format will be similar to the Flex Diet Cert such that it will follow a 3 tiered approach

Tier 1: Global Overview – Why even bother with all this Physiologic Flexibility monkey motion?

This will evolve over the course to explain the background of PF, why it is important, what the current data says and some speculation as to what it may show in the future.

This is very important as it provided context for all the interventions.

If you disregard context, you are dangerous.

There is no way I will be able to answer every question that may come up, however, if you understand the big picture you can logic your way to the next intervention to test out.

Tier 2: Intervention Technical Breakdown

I break down all the hardcore pumed science into an easy to understand video of the mechanism.

What does Cold Water Immersion (CWI) really do?

How does your body regulate CO2? It is really a waste product? Nope!

For each intervention (8 of them), you get everything that you need to know in less than hour.

Just like the Flex Diet Cert, this is the hardest part for me to do – constrain an entire body of literature into a concise video. I love the challenge as I know this is most useful to you.

Tier 3: Five Explicit Action Items for Each Intervention

For each of the 8 interventions, you get 5 explicit action items to test out.

No need to guess as to what direction to go next.

I will tell you the action items to test out .

This includes the system for how to have your client pick what is best for their physiology and psychology too.

It is a flexible, client lead approach.

Think of it as a “flexible dieting” concept but applied to recovery interventions.

It all goes on sale this coming Tues.

Note – while it goes on sale this coming Tuesday (Nov. 10), the first module will be delivered to you the following Tuesday (Nov. 17) as I am building it out over the course of the next few months. Each week you will get a new module. I am opting to do this method since I can get the content to you much sooner than to have you wait for the entire course to be finished.

Make no mistake- I’ve spent the last 2 years rewriting the layout, the format, tossing myself into float tanks for 1-2 hours at a time to envision the entire course. All of the groundwork has been completed, it is just me putting it into the course videos.

This is not a beta version, it is a “drip style” release which allows you to use the interventions right away too.

Stay tuned for more info, mark your calendars for Tuesday. Since you are on this newsletter, you will get first crack at it.


Dr Mike