Today I have a special treat for you. Recently I did the Rebel Performance podcast hosted by my buddy James Cerbie.

On the podcast I was joined by the one and only Dr Doctor Tommy Wood – aka the CSO – Chief Snake Officer at the Bro Research Center. Inside joke there as Tommy was bitten by a venomous snake in Costa Rica last year and almost died.

For real.

Some stress is good, but some snake bites are too much stress at once.

Speaking of stress and horrible transitions, In this episode we jam on two primary topics: the concept of the physiologic reserve/ headroom/ bioenergetic reserve and misnomers around breathing.

The overall theme is that the organism (this means you brosefus) needs stress, not just for performance, but for health, longevity, and healthy aging.

We also discuss the concept of the physiologic headroom, applying stress to improve an athlete’s level of antifragility, and increasing cognitive control over your breathing.

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [02:25] A primer on the concept of the bioenergetic reserve
  • [14:42] Increasing your physiologic flexibility
  • [20:55] How the brain factors into improving physiologic reserve
  • [27:06] Exercise versus recreation
  • [33:16] What people get wrong regarding breathing
  • [42:28] A primer on nasal breathing
  • [51:24] Nasal breathing versus mouth breathing
  • [58:14] Mike and Tommy’s parting advice

Let me know what you think!
Dr Mike

>> Rebel Performance Radio Podcast <<

On iTunes, and spotify