As you know, the wonderful wifey Jodie and I recently spent 5 weeks in S. Padre TX kiteboarding (when there was wind), working, and hanging out in the warm weather.

Each morning I would get up and, after doing my HRV measurement along with some Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) drills, walk the short 2 minutes to the beach on the ocean side for a short run and meditation while the sun was rising. I know, rough life.

Post-run most days I would head to the local coffee shop, because… coffee of course, silly!

Here was the conversation one day as my 3 shots of espresso were being made with the coffee shop owner with the epic name of Mike.

Coffee Shop Mike: “You look like you work out, I am getting a new blender later this week, so I can make smoothies here now. “

Me: “Great!”

Coffee Shop Mike: “Bro, what is the thing that all the meatheads add to their smoothies nowadays?”

Editors note, he really did say Bro many times.

Me: “Creatine?”

Coffee Shop Mike: “What, um, stammers around, not that. It is green”

Me: Green?

Coffee Shop Mike: Yeah, green bro.

Me: Greens powder?

Coffee Shop Mike: What, um, er, no, not that.

Me: CBD?

Coffee Shop Mike: No, it is a plant.

Me: Weed?

Coffee Shop Mike: Nope, but that would be nice, hahahaa.

Me: You are sure it is green?

Coffee Shop Mike: Yeah bro, it is a green plant.

Me: No idea, you got me with that one.

Coffee Shop Mike: I remember, it is kale!

Me: Kale?

Coffee Shop Mike: Yeah, I need to have kale smoothies for the meatheads.

Me: I am pretty sure that is for hipster vegans and not meatheads. Just add some protein powder instead and you will be much better off.

Coffee Shop Mike: Ah sweet, thanks, man. I don’t like that kale $hit anyway.

Me: Bawhahaha, a wise choice my friend.

Last I heard his smoothie business was up 217%.

I always find it interesting how everyone wants to focus on the single item that will transform your fitness results.

Sure, some single items will help, but it will be a combination of single items that lead to long-term changes in body comp, strength, muscle, and improvements in your health.

That is why I go through a list of the top 8 in the Flex Diet Cert.

If there was just one item, the cert would be super short. Plus everyone would know the one item.

The cold hard truth is that physiology is not that simple.

Your body is a complex system of multi-redundant, non-linear, chaotic, processes designed to survive at all costs.

Sadly, your physiology does not give one left low hanging hairy nut about your fitness levels.

It is only responding to the interventions that you perform. I’m sure you noticed that I said intervention(s) plural.

Many on-ramps to the land of gainZ exist.

By all means, start with one intervention, get it down cold, then move on to the next one.

It is a journey.

Along the way stop looking for the singular game-changing item.

And put the kale firmly where it belongs, in the trash. That stuff is horrible tasting.

Coffee, not kale,

Dr Mike

PS – I do have a secret recipe for kale in the Flex Diet Cert that works every time. Seriously, it does. For those who have taken the cert, you know what I mean. Flex Diet Cert opens again in January 2021 for a limited time.