Happy 2021! Wahoo, you made it through 2020.

Today I was thinking back to my time in Costa Rica exactly one year ago. I was there helping to run an acute study to see what happens when you pound meatheads with lots and lots of volume

Each day for 4 days in a row, our weight lifting friends (aka subjects) did barbell bench press, chins, DB lat raises, press downs, curls, lat pull down, squat, RDLs, leg ext, and leg curls at 2 sets to almost failure or failure for 8 -15 rep range. It took about 2 hours to complete.

It was like groundhog day. Wake up and do it again. I was one of those crazy meathead subjects and learned I could handle more training volume when the rest of life was quite controlled.

And that when I lift that much I will wake up and murder quest bars in my sleep. I would find the dead skins of them next to my bed in the AM (no lie).

Every time I go to Costa Rica I learn new lessons.

Below is an article on my top 3 lessons from the previous year. They’re even more true today!

>> Top 3 Lifting Lessons <<

Live, Learn, Pass On,

Dr. Mike