It appears a few people on el internet were upset as they thought I was dissing on carb cycling chaos via my article on metabolic confusion.


I do like carb cycling for advanced clients. The benefits from it are not from “metabolic confusion” though.

In the Flex Diet Cert for the Carbohydrate Intervention, I discuss the Matched Marcos (MM) method of how to set up your carb intake to match your training. This is a Eustress approach, which you should be doing most of the time or even more.

There is a time and a place to purposely mismatch macros too . . . in this case carbohydrates. This is the Mismatched Macros (MmM) approach where you may do some evil sessions fasted in the AM with low liver glycogen.

Or get fancier by depleting carb levels further with enough crazy HIIT training to make Mike Mentzer proud. Then only consuming protein before doing it again later in the day or the next day. Now there’s some carb cycling chaos.

That type of distress MmM method training is brutal and will tank your HRV faster than the speed of my nutsack shrinking during the AM 37F cold water immersion sessions in my secret lair.

Insert mad marketing claims here about “this secret method culled from the ancient Russian texts is so powerful that you need to only do it a few weeks out of the year…”

Both MM and MmM methods have a time and a place with lot of facts to support them. I’ve published on both in the PTQ Journal if you want to see all the science behind them.

The key here is using science combined with good old fashion experience. Then you can learn how to apply each method for faster changes in body composition and performance.

The downside is this takes many years to do this. Been there; done it and I did not even get a t-shirt.

To speed up that process, I have condensed the methods down as part of the Carbohydrate Intervention in the Flex Diet Cert, opening in early January.

Bring me dem carbZ bro!

Dr. Mike