Costa Rica Follow-up

Thanks again for an amazing time!  I did a piss poor job of any follow ups on products and was off to teach in Chicago this past weekend, so here is my follow up . . .

1) Free Semi Daily Newsletter

This is where 90% of my content is at now.  Free to sign up and you can hop off any time you want

2) Flex Diet Certification Course – Intro Costa Rica Price

The lecture I did on Fasting was primarily from this course.

In 8 weeks, I walk you through the top 8 interventions related to nutrition (and a bit of exercise/lifestyle) that you can take your clients through in a simple to use framework.

Each week you get a video on:

  1. a) Big Picture lecture of Met Flex and Flexibility Dieting
  2. b) in-depth 1 hour lecture on that weeks intervention
  3. c) 5 action items for that intervention that you can use with your clients.

The course is organized with the higher leveraged interventions in the first part of the course.

The next round opens in mid April at about $350, but if you pick it up below before then, I will offer it to you at only $200 for the entire course.

There is almost 30 hours of material in it including expert interviews from Dr Stu Phillips, Dr Jose Antonio, Dr Eric Helms, Dan Pardi and more.

Note- once the next round goes live around April 15, this offer goes away.

3) Heart Rate Variability Solution Product

Want to learn all about HRV without the overly science mumbo jumbo jargon, but yet a method based on science?  I got ya.

That is why I designed this course.  It takes you through all the background on HRV, how to use it and much more.

The link below is $50 off the normal price until April 15 only.

Note- this course is set to be revamped later this year and you will get any updated changes when they happen.

4) M3 1-1 Online Coaching from me

No discounts on this one as it is not fair to those already in and paying the normal rate.

I have 2 spots open at the end of this month with two people graduating.   I will do all your training, nutrition, HRV (hardware cost is included), warm ups / cools down (lots of RPR work there), lifestyle, supplements and pretty much whatever you need.

I also don’t believe in upselling my online clients since they are already paying more, so any supplements I can get at cost, I pass on that rate to you.  Any product that I own 100% (HRV course and Flex Diet Cert) are yours on me too (no cost).

Note- there is an application for this and apply below.  Cost is $600 to $500 a month depending on the length of the contract

Apply here below.  First come; first served.

Thank you!
Dr Mike