Speaking of temp regulation being one of the systems to target for better recovery and to be a more robust human. . .
Cold is one way to do it.

You don’t have to get bat-sheeet crazy like your fav nerd here, and convert a perfectly good / new freezer into your own private CWI – although you can, or drive 3 days to S Padre TX and run into the ocean each AM. OR just turn your shower to cold at the end for a few minutes.

The other end of the spectrum is heat.

Saunas are a great way to turn up the heat.

Note – go HERE if you want to read about my experience at the Fire and Ice Retreat in MN this past year.

No sauna? No problem. Go exercise outside if you live in a warm environment.

Even in a colder environment, I routinely sweat when I am at home doing my cardio in the AM on my bike or that horrible-yet-stupid-effective-cardio-machine-from-h-e-l-l called the Concept 2 rower. This is despite a heated gym (garage) temp of 44F.

Again, the key here is to go just a bit outside your normal temperature zone.

You don’t need to get insane like Laird Hamilton and put an assault bike in your sauna and use oven mitts because it gets too hot to touch the handles.

Maybe at some point many many years down the line you would need that stimulus, but I don’t think Laird is really human either. Although when I talked to Dr Kelley Starrett on the Ready State podcast, he assured me Laird is human. . . I still have my doubts.

Back to the heat…

…Exposing your body to more heat ramps up all sorts of positive benefits like HSP (heat shock proteins) and other mechanisms that confer benefits to increase your recover ability.

No need to get crazy either since too much heat is very counter productive. You do not want to get heat stroke, and too much heat can kill you.

(Just about everything else on the planet taken to an extreme can be bad for you . . .even drinking too much water.)

Too much lifting can kill you via rhabdo. That does not mean you need to stop lifting; just be sane about it.

In summary, temp regulation is system 1 to being a more robust human being with increased recovery ability.

It does not take a ton of time to train it, and while having access to a sauna is helpful, it is not a flat out requirement.

Dr Mike

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