Insulin sensitivity

Dr. Ruscio Radio: 3 Simple Keys for Using Low Carb, High Carb & Intermittent Fasting for Optimum Metabolism

*from My good buddy, Dr. Ruscio interviews me on this his podcast where we talk about metabolic flexibility hypoglycemia macro cycling and many more metabolism questions Dr. R’s Fast Facts Summary Big picture take away… If you are having a hard time metabolizing a certain food, removing it or lowering intake is probably

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Meathead Hippie Ep 53: with Dr Mike T Nelson: Metabolic Flexibility, Better Movement, and Fascia

*From Meathead Hippie In this episode, Emily Schromm of Meathead Hippie, interviews little ol' me. I sound like Dr. Frankenstein as I report how I was initially intrigued in the human body when I learned the ins and outs of fascia by studying cadavers! We move to the topic of Metabolic flexibility and she quotes a good

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N1 Fitness Podcast EP 22: Metabolic Flexibility

*From I had a blast chatting here with Marcus here about low carb, keto, high carb, performance, insulin, body composition & plenty more! Enjoy :) We are talking all things body composition, insulin, exercise as well as performance! Specifics include… What is metabolic flexibility? Measures of metabolic flexibility Low carb and Ketogenic diets and

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