Stack the deck in your favor…

Greetings from the early AM hours on a Saturday here in Minnesota where I am going behind the cheddar curtain to Wisconsin for the Reflexive Performance Rest (RPR) Level 2 course in a few hours after recording Iron Radio. Wait, you may be saying, why is this nerd taking the RPR Level 2 class when

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S2 Ep 12: Interview with Dr Mike T Nelson -Steve Turns the Tables and Interviews Me Today

Stephen Horney from Integrated Health Sciences turns the tables on Dr. Mike T Nelson and interviews him for this episode of the Flex Diet Podcast. Stephen’s questions allow us to get to know Dr. Mike and follow his journey to where he is today. Dr. Mike also shares what he wishes he knew when he

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S2 Ep 10: Isometrics, Patellofemoral Pain, Collagen, and More: Interview with Jake Tuura

Jake Tuura, creator of The Jacked Athlete website and Podcast, and Dr. Mike T Nelson discuss knee pain and how you can speed up the healing process. They take a look at injury, pain, tendons, collagen, and isometrics, as well as Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) and Be Activated training. We discuss: Jake's experience with patellofemoral

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Internal vs. External Cues for Muscle Performance

Earlier this year, I flew to Australia to teach Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) Levels  1 and 2. Both days were epic! One of the concepts of RPR is to look at the entire body through a neurologic lens. It is amazing how everything is connected. If it's all connected, is there a time and place

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OPEX EP. 049 Met Flex, HRV, RPR & More

*From www.opexfit.com Check out this fun podcast where we chat about metabolic flexibility, HRV & RPR. TIME-LINE: 0:00 – 4:00 – ROBBIE INTRO’S THE SHOW AND ASKS MIKE TO INTRODUCE HIMSELF 4:01 – 8:58 – Robbie asks Mike how he funded himself through all his education? 8:59 – 12:11 – Robbie asks Mike who have

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The Bledsoe Show: Mike T Nelson: Training the Core for Strength Sports #95

*from thebledsoeshow.com In this episode, I put Mike B through some of the most intense bodywork of his life. We talk about the hidden anatomy of the psoas and the diaphragm (which are technically one), how human dissection works, pelvic floor, the core and how it all works together, how dysfunction occurs, why people have

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