Episode 185: Are more top bodybuilders dying early? Extreme bodybuilding methods – risks and rewards: a conversation w/ Dr Guillermo Escalante

Are more professional bodybuilders dying early, and, if so, why? Dr. Guillermo Escalante and I attempt to answer this question as we tackle the pros and cons of professional bodybuilding on today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast. Dr. Escalante has

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Episode 182: REBROADCAST: Cranial Face Structures, Nasal Breathing, Orthodontics, Tongue Position, and More Unlikely Performance Limiters: Interview with Zac Cupples

Enjoy this rebroadcast of an earlier Flex Diet Podcast episode. My wife Jodie and I talk with Zac about rate limiters on performance like palate issues, teeth movement, and function, as well as how to get a good sleep study (what to

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Episode 181: REBROADCAST – Testosterone, Muscle Mass, Cortisol, Collagen for Soft Tissue Repair an Interview with Dr Keith Baar

Today, I've got a special interview with Dr. Keith Barr. We talk all about everything from the effects of testosterone, cortisol, and the role of collagen protein in building muscle. What Dr. Barr has to say may surprise you. The Flex

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Episode 180: Rebroadcast – Fitness writer and online physique coach Bryan Krahn talks fitness training

Today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast is a rebroadcast of an interview with my good friend Bryan Krahn. We cover a host of topics from current events to training and exercise. Listen in as we chat openly about what’s on our minds. Episode Notes

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Episode 179: Challenging the fitness status quo for better health and movement with Andrew Heffernan

On today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, Andrew Heffernan and I discuss a wide range of fitness topics, including the importance of low-level movement, various cardio intensities, and lessons from elite athletes. Listen in to hear: [11:15] The value of

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Episode 178: Rebroadcast – Insulin and Glucose Myths & more with Dr Tommy Wood

This episode of the Flex Diet Podcast is a rebroadcast of a live interview with Dr. Tommy Wood from 2020. Coming to you from the jungle of Costa Rica, Dr. Wood and I discuss insulin and its role in the body

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Episode 177: Training Principles from Gonzo Grip Strength with Adam Glass and Dr Mike T Nelson

Today's Flex Diet Podcast episode includes a couple of short clips from the Gonzo Grip Strength product with the one and only Adam Glass. We talk about basic training philosophy, which can be applied to grip or all of your training.

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Episode 176: Metabolic Flexibility, Goal-Setting, and Violent Consistency with Adam Glass

In part two of my conversation with grip strength athlete Adam Glass, we switch gears and discuss the concept of metabolic flexibility, goals, and violent consistency. Listen in to hear: [1:50] Adam discusses why trainers need to go through fat loss

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Episode 175: Gonzo Grip Strength and Training Philosophy with Grip Strength Athlete Adam Glass

On today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, my good friend Adam Glass and I talk about grip strength and training tactics that can help you increase your strength and overall performance. We also discuss the number one error we see

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Episode 174: My Top 2 Forgotten Methods for Increasing Strength: Aerobic Training and Grip Strength

Today on the Flex Diet Podcast, I'm talking about two forgotten methods to get stronger that aren't related to lifting or strength. Listen in to hear: [2:07] My #1 forgotten method to increase strength [4:12} How VO2 max can limit your

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