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S2 Ep 12: Interview with Dr Mike T Nelson -Steve Turns the Tables and Interviews Me Today

Stephen Horney from Integrated Health Sciences turns the tables on Dr. Mike T Nelson and interviews him for this episode of the Flex Diet Podcast. Stephen’s questions allow us to get to know Dr. Mike and follow his journey to where he is today. Dr. Mike also shares what he wishes he knew when he

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S2 Ep 10: Isometrics, Patellofemoral Pain, Collagen, and More: Interview with Jake Tuura

Jake Tuura, creator of The Jacked Athlete website and Podcast, and Dr. Mike T Nelson discuss knee pain and how you can speed up the healing process. They take a look at injury, pain, tendons, collagen, and isometrics, as well as Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) and Be Activated training. We discuss: Jake's experience with patellofemoral

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S2 Ep 9 Gut Health and Exercise: Interview with Dr. Sara Campbell

Dr. Mike and Dr. Sara Campbell take an in-depth look at gut health and exercise. Topics include everything from the microbiome, nutrition, what foods may be useful - what foods to avoid. Also, how the gut is related to all sorts of things - including insulin sensitivity and body composition. We discuss: How bugs change

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Flex Diet Podcast: S2 Ep 8 Gym Openings and COVID-19 Safety: Interview with Mario Mavrides

This episode of Flex Diet Podcast covers the difficulties with gym openings and COVID-19 safety. Mario tells what he's doing to get clients back through the door and address their concerns over disinfection and proper distancing. We discuss: The most commonly asked questions regarding re-opening Who will return and why or why not Disinfection policies

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Flex Diet Podcast: S2 Ep 7 Female Athletes and Eating to Fuel Performance with Dr. Susan Kleiner

I was thrilled to interview my good friend Dr. Susan Kleiner about the importance of fueling your training for a long and meaningful athletic career, especially females. If you are a trainer/coach, learn how to coach your athletes to overcome fears/obstacles regarding food. We discuss: * Anecdotes from her early work with steroids and steroid-testing

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Flex Diet Podcast: Dr. Dom D’Agostino on Red Light, Ketones, Fasting, Zapping Monkeys and More

Last week, I had tons of fun at the neurologist as we played with lasers, Gyrostim, and other fun tools to help my eyeballs. Just realized that this theme of light continues with my latest episode of the Flex Diet Podcast. My good friend Dr. Dom D'Agostino and I nerd out on several topics during

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All About Light with Thaddeus Owen from Primal Hacker

Greetings from Minnesota where I'm spending the week with Dr. Schmoe at The Functional Neurology Center. More to come on that later... For now, take a listen as I geek out with Thaddeus Owen about all things light-related: colors, physiologic effects, circadian rhythm, and more. Learn how Thaddeus used light therapy to overcome extreme anxiety

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Insulin and Glucose Myths & more – Podcast with Dr. Tommy Wood

Good evening, from Sunny Minnesota. I thought we could geek out together while discussing common insulin and glucose myths. Listen in as I interview Dr. Wood . . . coming to you from the jungle of Costa Rica to discuss the role of insulin in the body. What it actually does and how it acts

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Training for maximal gainZ w Dr Eric Helms

Dr Eric Helms and I talk about setting up your training for maximal gainZ on the podcast today! We chat about how to set up training around goals, periodization and start off with our adventures getting home from Costa Rica as airports and borders started shutting down. https://flex-diet-podcast.simplecast.com/episodes/... In addition, I cover: Getting creative with

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Flex Diet Podcast – Season 2 Begins

I'm back! Join me for Season 2 of the Flex Diet Podcast - formerly known as Not Another Fitness Podcast....for fitness geeks only. I also have a tip on how to use aerobic training to maximize performance and body composition, even if you only enjoy lifting weights. In addition I cover: How to use aerobic

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