Episode 468 Iron Radio – Food Trends

*from www.ironradio.org Recorded from Austin TX when I was at PaleoFX, Dr Lonnie covers the news including a cool new study using bananas as a recovery food. Dr Lonnie and myself then cover some top food trends that we see and based on the IFT top 10 list. Find out what the next trends in

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Episode 463 Iron Radio – Whole Body Workout Revisited

*from www.ironradio.org http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/463IronRadio_Whole_Body_Workouts_Revisited.mp3 After the weekly news and listener mail, Lonnie, Phil and I discuss the pros and cons of whole-body workouts, with special attention to what we've been doing themselves lately. Subtopics include powerlifting versus bodybuilding approaches exercise movement choices infrequent training - as low as one day per week and tons more. Keep

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Episode 459 Iron Radio- Getting Unstuck (Progress Plateaus)

*From www.IronRadio.org This past week I was able to hack my way through (thankful for the mute button my microphone) an episode of Iron Radio for you. http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/459IronRadio_News_Getting_Unstuck.mp3 Coach Phil was away at the Arnold expo, so the nerds (myself and Dr Lowery) were left to get uber nerdy on your glute max once again.

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The Better Human Project #1: The Carnivore Diet

*from ryanmunsey.com Check out the podcast I was a guest on below where we discuss just that with Ryan Munsey and Dr Shawn Baker of the Carnivore Diet The Better Human Project #1: Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Mike T. Nelson Dr. Shawn Baker explains the Zero Carb Diet aka Carnivore Diet for people who

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