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Why Getting Cold This Winter Is A Good Idea on the Wise Traditions Podcast

We are often insulated from our environment. In the winter, we warm our homes. In the summer, we cool them. But we may be unintentionally harming our health by...


What is After Metabolic Flexibility for More GainZ?

Recently, I have been yammering away about how to increase your ability to recover and be a more robust, badass human. I don’t need to point out the massive...


Some Like It HOT – Secret Fitness GainZ?

Speaking of temp regulation being one of the systems to target for better recovery and to be a more robust human. . . Cold is one way to do...


Cold Water Immersion – Ultimate Recovery or just a Sucky Bath

Yesterday, I went off on a nerdy diatribe about how to build your own BSRD aka BS Recovery Detector to shift through all the crap in the fitness world...


Adaptive Homeostasis

I am back again yammering about how to employ a flexible approach to be a more robust human that can train harder, recover faster, and do it while enhancing...