Barbell Shrugged – Metabolic Flexibility and Micronutrients w Dr. Mike T Nelson – 336

*From I am super stoked that this podcast with my good friends at Barbell Shrugged it out now!  Check out the video below or listen via your favorite podcast app. In this 2 hour episode recorded in person at PaleoFX this past year, we went over tons of stuff including Heart Rate Variability

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Episode 126 – Muscle Expert Podcast – Metabolic Flexibility, Training and Nutrition

*From Muscle Expert Podcast In this brand-new podcast below with B-Pak, I go into depth on that plus a ton of other aspects . . . including. . .  KETO! Ben and myself put our snorkels on for a dive deep on what influences metabolic flexibility, the benefits of fat and carb adaptation and how

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Rising Stress Levels and 3 Solutions – from the Flo Retreat Center in the Jungles of Uvita, Costa Rica

One of the big things I noticed since coming back from teaching in Chicago after spending over 2 weeks in the jungle in Costa Rica was my rising stress levels. I noticed that I felt more stressed than before I left. Here is what is interesting; there is not any apparent reason for it.  But

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How to Assess an Athlete: The Best Principles, Methods, and Devices to Use | Nourish Balance Thrive Podcast

*from Dr. Tommy Wood from Nourish Balance Thrive Podcast interviews me from a coaching perspective about how to assess athletes, specifically in the areas of physical performance, nutrition, lifestyle, and technology. For a full list of over 20 topics and references that we covered, please check out their link at >>How to Assess an

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Episode 187 The Boom Boom Podcast – Simplifying the Science of Training

*from The Boom Boom Performance Podcast Ketogenic Dieting? Fasted Cardio? Metabolic Flexibility? Stress? What does the science say for all these hot topics?   Find out here as Cody McBroom from The Boom Boom Performance Podcast interviews me about these topics. (3:09) 1. Mike’s “Story” (7:54) 2. Mike Working with Athletes (10:10) 3. How Does Mike

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The Keto Answers Podcast Episode 009- Metabolic Flexibility: How to Choose the Best Fuel for Your Goals

**From My good buddy, Dr. Anthony Gustin interviews me on his podcast.  I'm super honored! In his words . . . "Join me as I sit down with Dr. Nelson to take a deep dive into metabolic flexibility, switching between fat and carbs, his experiments on nutrition and physiology, and much more. In

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Episode 42 30/30 Health podcast HRV and Health

*From In this podcast, I'm interviewed by Dr. Ruiz.  Dr. Guillermo Ruiz NMD graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Prior to his doctorate, Dr. Ruiz spent his childhood in Mexico, before moving to Florida in 1996. Dr. Ruiz finished a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Sciences and a minor in Health

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