Episode 189: All you ever wanted to now about creatine supplementation and exercise with Dr. Creatine aka Dr. Scott Forbes

On today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, Dr. Creatine (aka Dr. Scott Forbes) and I discuss the latest research on creatine, much of which he conducted. We discuss what you can realistically expect from creatine supplementation, as well as the

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Episode 188: Why fitness seminars are worth the expense and how to make the most out of them: An interview with Ali Gilbert

On today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, Ali Gilbert and I discuss the value of attending fitness seminars and how to get the most out of them. We share where we'll be speaking in the next few months and give

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Episode 187: Improving physical and mental strength: an Interview with Matt DesRoches from the Oxidative Potential Podcast

On today's special episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, Matt DesRoches from the Oxidative Potential Podcast and I cover a wide range of topics. We discuss everything from certain aspects of training, from lifting to hypertrophy to aerobic development, the role

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Episode 186: How the Myofascial System Affects Movement: An Interview with Lauri Nemetz

Today I'm talking to Professor Lauri Nemetz, author of the newly-released book "The Myofascial System in Form and Movement." If you've ever wondered how the myofascial system can affect movement pain, or you're just a big anatomy geek like me, you'll

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Metabolic Flexibility With Dr. Mike T. Nelson on the Nourishing You Podcast

Last week, I discussed my favorite subject - Metabolic Flexibility - on the Nourishing You Podcast by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Check it out! Find more info at: NANP’s website NANP’s Facebook page NANP’s YouTube channel NANP’s LinkedIn NANP’s Instagram page Rock on! Dr. Mike T Nelson

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Episode 185: Are more top bodybuilders dying early? Extreme bodybuilding methods – risks and rewards: a conversation w/ Dr Guillermo Escalante

Are more professional bodybuilders dying early, and, if so, why? Dr. Guillermo Escalante and I attempt to answer this question as we tackle the pros and cons of professional bodybuilding on today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast. Dr. Escalante has

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Episode 182: REBROADCAST: Cranial Face Structures, Nasal Breathing, Orthodontics, Tongue Position, and More Unlikely Performance Limiters: Interview with Zac Cupples

Enjoy this rebroadcast of an earlier Flex Diet Podcast episode. My wife Jodie and I talk with Zac about rate limiters on performance like palate issues, teeth movement, and function, as well as how to get a good sleep study (what to

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Episode 181: REBROADCAST – Testosterone, Muscle Mass, Cortisol, Collagen for Soft Tissue Repair an Interview with Dr Keith Baar

Today, I've got a special interview with Dr. Keith Barr. We talk all about everything from the effects of testosterone, cortisol, and the role of collagen protein in building muscle. What Dr. Barr has to say may surprise you. The Flex

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Guest Podcast: Coach Catalyst Podcast Episode 18 With Dr. Mike T. Nelson

From the Coach Catalyst Podcast: On this Podcast Episode, we have a great speaker, Dr. Mike Nelson. Our speaker talks about how he got a degree and eventually a Ph.D. in engineering. He further discusses his interest in weight training, physiology, and fitness. He also takes us through his transition from

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Mike T Nelson – Recovery From Training And Building Resilience on the Stacked Strength Podcast

I sat down with Daniel Debrocke of the Statcked Strength podcast. We talked about defining recovery, stimulus-recovery-repeat, breathing, shifting between sympathetic and parasympathetic, eye focus and recovery, optic flow, recovery modalities, workload, nutrition strategies, glycogen depletion, stretching, social isolation, having fun and improving quality of life, cold therapy,

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