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Episode 118: Programing and Exercise Selection with Kyle Dobbs of Compound Performance

Today, Kyle Dobbs of Compound Performance and I discuss exercise sequence and training. What are different ways and ideas for programming exercise over the course of a week, month, or longer? Here's what you should consider and what goes into the thought process. Episode Notes

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Episode 117: 2 Performance Enhancing Sports Supplements That Are Effective and Cheap: Creatine and Caffeine

Today's podcast covers the two most researched supplements to enhance your performance: creatine and caffeine. You may think you know all there is to know, but I continue to see people get them wrong. Listen for my advice on how, when, and why you can

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Episode 116: Protocol To Enhance Lifting Performance Via Your Eyes and Breathing

This podcast reviews a concept I teach in the Physiologic Flexibility Certification to enhance performance when lifting. The great news is you can learn these techniques without any special technology. Learn how to direct your focus and control your breathing to ramp up and then recover.

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Episode 115: Rant: My Top 3 Pet Peeves About Fitness Information – and A Solution

Today, we're talking about three problems with information in the fitness and nutrition realm. I propose a solution to each. Special announcement! The Physiologic Flexibility Certification course is open today, Sept. 13 to Sept. 20, 2021. If you're outside the enrollment period, you can get

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Episode 114: How To Be More Robust and Antifragile with Cold Water Immersion and Sauna: The Barbell Model of Phys Flex

Today's lesson is about cold water immersion and heat via sauna. I talk about how you can set them up as a framework to make them useful. These interventions are two of the key components in the Physiological Flexibility Certification, which is focused on ways

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Episode 113: How to Get More Muscular Arms, Interview With Dave Barr

In today's Flex Diet Podcast, my good buddy Dave Barr and I talk about his new arm training book, Massive Muscular Arms (link in episode notes). His book includes information about how to set up your training in a better fashion, aspects of the central

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Episode 629 IronRadio The Science of Hard Gainers

*from After mail and news covering a portable metabolism-measuring device, using heavy negatives, and what happens to fast-gainers during detraining, the guys talk about hard gainers - to what extent they exist and what to do with them. ► PRIVATE FORUMS:​ ► SUBSCRIBE:​ ► SUPPORT US ON PAYPAL

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Episode 628 IronRadio Recent Buys and Whys

*from After analyzing some nutrition science news on nitrate and iron, and how they relate to exercise, the guys talk about recent purchases of training and food equipment and why they bought them. ► PRIVATE FORUMS:​ ► SUBSCRIBE:​ ► SUPPORT US ON PAYPAL (See mid-page right and bottom):

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Episode 627 IronRadio Wendi Irlbeck, Nutrition & Body Composition

*from With Phil off in the wilderness, Mike and Lonnie nerd out with nutritionist Wendi Irlbeck on topics like high-protein intakes, how to increase veggies in the diet, and the methods and benefits of obtaining and carrying high muscle mass. (Special note regarding the power of digestion - reportedly just

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Episode 626 IronRadio David Barr, Recovery

*from After offering some news on vitamin D and COVID-19, and on gene therapy's ramifications for lifters, the intrepid trio chat with industry insider, author, and scientist David Barr. The topic is recovery and it comes with real gold nuggets about both neural and muscular "returns to baseline". Come on

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