Episode 245: Breath, Endurance, and the Art of Athletic Longevity with Bo Sandoval

Join me as I sit down with the insightful Coach Bob Sandoval from Texas A&M to explore the nuanced world of aerobic training in athletics. Together, we unpack the evolving role of aerobic conditioning across a spectrum of sports, from strength

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Guest Podcast: Sports Science Dudes Episode 57 Exploring the Science of HRV and Strength Training with Dr. Mike T Nelson

Sports Science Dudes covers all things related to sports science, nutrition, and performance. The Sports Science Dudes represent the opinions of the hosts and guests and are not the official opinions of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), the Society for Sports Neuroscience, or

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Dr. Mike T Nelson – The Fundamentals of Flexibility & Resilience on the Lab Report Podcast

In this episode of The Lab Report, I outline the basics of physiologic flexibility and ways to train our metabolism to become more resilient and anti-fragile. We Discussed: 3:00 Mike T Nelson is back and so is the Flex Diet certification 7:00 Diet Wars and Keto 9:45 Physiologic flexibility and homeostatic

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Dr. Mike Nelson – Metabolic Flexibility, HRV, Cardio, and more on the Mind Muscle Podcast

I had the honor to join Jeff Hoehn on The Mind Muscle Connection Podcast to discuss Metabolic Flexibility, HRV, Cardio and More. I reveal these insights exclusively on Jeff's podcast for the first time. This means you're getting a special sneak peek into valuable information that hasn't been shared before in

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Mike T Nelson – on the PNOE Podcast

I joined PNOE co-founder Apostolos Atsalakis to discuss about everything you want to know regarding metabolic analysis, including resting metabolic rate, Vo2 max, fat-burning efficiency, training zones, and fuel source utilization. Enjoy! Rock on! Dr. Mike T Nelson Dr. Mike T Nelson

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Metabolic Flexibility With Dr. Mike T. Nelson on the Nourishing You Podcast

Last week, I discussed my favorite subject - Metabolic Flexibility - on the Nourishing You Podcast by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Check it out! Find more info at: NANP’s website NANP’s Facebook page NANP’s YouTube channel NANP’s LinkedIn NANP’s Instagram page Rock on! Dr. Mike T Nelson

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Guest Podcast: Coach Catalyst Podcast Episode 18 With Dr. Mike T. Nelson

From the Coach Catalyst Podcast: On this Podcast Episode, we have a great speaker, Dr. Mike Nelson. Our speaker talks about how he got a degree and eventually a Ph.D. in engineering. He further discusses his interest in weight training, physiology, and fitness. He also takes us through his transition from

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Mike T Nelson – Recovery From Training And Building Resilience on the Stacked Strength Podcast

I sat down with Daniel Debrocke of the Statcked Strength podcast. We talked about defining recovery, stimulus-recovery-repeat, breathing, shifting between sympathetic and parasympathetic, eye focus and recovery, optic flow, recovery modalities, workload, nutrition strategies, glycogen depletion, stretching, social isolation, having fun and improving quality of life, cold therapy,

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Five Stupid Things Bodybuilders Do That Physiology Has Shown Is Incorrect With Dr. Mike T. Nelson

I had the honor of joining Michelle Welcome on her podcast. I came on to talk about the disconnect of basic physiology and the things bodybuilders do that just don’t make sense. Michelle says, "It’s a fun listen with Dr. Mike’s quirky sense of humor. Give the show a thumbs

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Dr. Mike T Nelson On Optimizing Hormones & Why Static Stretching Sucks (SSOF Ep. 27)

I had the honor of talking about several of my passions on the Sweet Science of Fighting podcast this week. Check it out! Timestamps 0:00 - Mike's background 7:00 - Reflexive performance reset (RPR): What does it do? 18:07 - Optimizing hormones: does sauna work? 25:42 - Testosterone

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