S_2_EP_15: All About Coaching: Interview with Jeb and Dean from Stronger U

Dr. Mike T Nelson interviews Jeb and Dean from Stronger U to provide practical tips for both fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts. Episode Notes Jeb explains his background, including a stint as a celebrity hairstylist Dean talks about his experience teaching and how that led to coaching and nutrition Balancing nutrition coaching without doing the

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S_2_EP_14: Flex Diet Certification Open Now and My Secret Goal

The writer of one of Dr. Mike’s favorite books of 2020, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art,” James Nestor joins the Flex Diet podcast this week to talk about everything from breathing, work that he’s done regarding changes to facial structure, ADHD, carbon dioxide, nasal vs. mouth breathing, plus more. Episode Notes The

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Flex Diet Podcast: S2 EP16: Protein, Metabolism and Research: Interview with Eric Williamson from Unlocked Fitness

  S2_EP_16: Protein, Metabolism, and Research: Interview with Eric Williamson from Unlocked Fitness I outline the Flex Diet Certification course and explain the secret goal I wanted to accomplish when creating the cert. Episode Notes: Eric’s background and how he got into protein metabolism What are main things you look at from a mechanistic standpoint

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