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Episode 601 IronRadio Work Exhaustion vs Training

Today's health science news covers a new strength and conditioning book, body characteristics of elite strongmen, and problems with omega-6 vegetable oils. Then the guys address how they handle stressed and exhausted clients who need to perform in the gym. Also, sincere thanks to Fall Funds Drive contributor Fred, as well as strong monthly supporters

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Episode 597-Iron Radio Stephanie Stepp Path to CrossFit

*from After sharing some science news on how to prevent muscle loss during deconditioning (hint: fish oils may help!), the guys chat with exercise physiology grad and CrossFit enthusiast, Stephanie Stepp. Tune in for topics like what attracted an educated woman into that world, staying competitive post-college, and tons more. Come on in!

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Anabolic fish juice….say what?

Several years ago at a fitness conference, I had the following conversation with a "fit pro" (that word fit pro triggers me to no end for some reason). Fit Pro: Yo, I have been taking this new supplement and it has really helped my recovery big time. Me: Really, what is it? Fit Pro: Fish

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Time-Restricted Eating – new research

Ten years ago if you had told me I would have some clients use fasting or time-restricted eating (TRE) as a method to get better body composition and that it would be popular in the future, I would have said you were as crazy as a loon. No way was fasting going to be the

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My #1 Most HATED Recovery Tip

What's my most hated recovery tip? You may be guessing it is some horrible cold water immersion or boring AF treadmill work. Good guess, but nope. My #1 recovery tip..... …..sleep more! It's a paradox since clients universally hated it when I talked about sleep with them; however, they loved the results when they actually did it. Sleep

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Sunlight to shrink fat cells? Really?

Imagine you just stepped out of your time machine after being transported back to Muscle Beach in its prime. You arrive to spot the likes of Vic Tanny, Joe Gold (of Gold's Gym fame), Jack LaLanne, Steve "Hercules" Reeves, Jack Delinger, and later, Dave Draper or even Arnold with his friends. They were all hanging

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3 Tips to Improve Metabolic Flexibility

I recently served on a roundtable of fitness experts featuring Dr. Layne Norton, Dr. Jose Antonio, Ben Esgro, Jermey Loenneke, Dr. Gabe Wilson, Dr. Jacob Wilson, and during this discussion, a participant asked a question: “What advice would you give to a fitness enthusiast looking to build muscle and lose fat?” For most lifters, these

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