Dark Beer, Saunas, and Contrast Therapy …in the name of gainZ

One of the comments I got from the BEER-HIIT study article I referenced about beer consumption around training was: nonsense since “everybody knows” that anyone who is serious about their fitness knows beer and gainz do not mix. It turns out this is false. Now, if you want to not drink, that is totally fine

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Alcohol and your GainZ – The BEER-HIIT study

The BEER-HIIT study seeks to answer a common question from my private M3 1-1 online clients (and one I've wondered about myself). “Does alcohol affect my gainZ and body comp?” It is a great question, so let’s dive into it using our friend S-C-I-E-N-C-E to see what we can learn. Backstory . . . As

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Plant Proteins Are the Rage Now – What You Need To Know – Mike T Nelson, CSCS, CISSN, MSME, PhD

Plant proteins have become more popular recently (ala Game Changers documentary) in part due to environmental concerns or ethical concerns (1, 2).  Are plant proteins really better for mother nature?  There is some data to support that claim, but it is far from conclusive. Pimentel et al. in 2003 (3) analyzed the efficiency of land

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