Episode 126: Alternatives to the Back Squat, Barbell Bench Press and Deadlift

No, you don't have to back squat, barbell bench press, and straight bar deadlift. Here is why along with other options using specialty bars or alternatives with a standard straight bar. Episode Notes When to consider alternatives to the three main power lifts Back Squat

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Episode 125: Super Simple Method to Increase Lifting Performance Using a Notebook

Learn how to keep a training notebook to effectively increase your lifting performance. Episode Notes Why data is importantMy bias is a training notebook vs. an appWhat to includeTraining planDate, time, durationHRV, RHR, and sleep dataExercise, sets, reps, time to complete sets, duration/densityIntensity - the percentage

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Episode 124: 5 Tips To Eliminate Holiday Weight Gain

Today's episode covers five steps to reduce or eliminate weight gain during the holidays. Use these tips with yourself or your clients to get through the busy holiday season looking and feeling your best. Episode Notes Weight gain during the holidays Is it real? Discussion

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Meat Meat Meat – Iron Radio Episode 603

This week on Iron radio, Dr. Lonnie, Phil, and I chatted about health science news on vitamin D and then all things MEAT! >> Meat Meat and More Meat << Listen in! Join caveman Phil Stevens, Lonnie Lowery, and myself for our: favorite types of meat recipes cooking skills nutrients and tons more Meat for the win!

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The #1 Downside of Fitness Research

Ah.....nothing like hanging out on my couch on a cool Fall day with a fresh cup of Kick-Ass dark coffee post AM routine (red light, RPR, neuro rehab drills, cardio on the row and bike, cold water immersion in the ole freezer filled w water at 43F, reading brand new research. Yes, I read research

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Flex Diet Podcast: S2 EP16: Protein, Metabolism and Research: Interview with Eric Williamson from Unlocked Fitness

  S2_EP_16: Protein, Metabolism, and Research: Interview with Eric Williamson from Unlocked Fitness I outline the Flex Diet Certification course and explain the secret goal I wanted to accomplish when creating the cert. Episode Notes: Eric’s background and how he got into protein metabolism What are main things you look at from a mechanistic standpoint

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Deep Dive on Metabolic Flexibility (Podcast)

Hola from South Dakota where the wonderful wifey and I are visiting her family. Feels weird that this is our first trip since March 23. ...and speaking of odd, many in the fitness world (not you, you know what is going on), view using BOTH fats and carbs as odd. Today I have a new

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