Episode 258: Navigating Protein Nutrition: Aging, Sustainability, and Future Trends with Dr Paul Morgan

In this episode, we dive into the complex world of protein—its impact on aging, sustainability, and diet patterns. We break down the science behind protein's recommended daily allowance, explore the environmental footprint of different protein sources, and debate the merits of plant versus animal

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The Muscle Chronicles: Ketones, Protein, and the Savage Pursuit of GainZ

I've got something wild for you today as we're diving headfirst into a mind-bending study that could revolutionize the way we think about muscle growth. Buckle up my fitness freaky friend because this one's a rollercoaster! ⚛️ Ketone Alchemy and the Muscle Mystery We all know that protein is the golden ticket to muscle

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Guest Article: What Happens When You Eat 100 Grams of Protein At Once?

A new revelation about protein just dropped in the journal Cell (1). Let’s dig into it. People always say, “The body can only use 30 grams of protein at once!” Is that true? Well, imagine eating a 16-ounce steak. If you can only use 30 grams of protein at once, you’ll find steak-shaped deposits in

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Episode 248: The Impact of High Protein Intake: A Scientific Deep Dive with Dr. Jorn Trommelen

Listen in as Dr. Jorn Trommelen joins the Flex Diet Podcast to discuss his research on protein dosing, revealing the outcomes of ingesting 100 grams of protein in a single sitting. Together with Dr. Luke Van Loon and a team of

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New Research: The Effects of Long-Term Collagen Supplementation on Training Recovery

Picture this – you're out there, pushing your body to the limits, and the aftermath leaves you feeling like you've been through the wringer. Well, here's some groundbreaking news. We've got some real-deal science showing that gulping down those collagen peptides for a short while can do wonders for your muscle recovery after you've

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Solving the Protein Puzzle: Decoding Protein Needs During Your Fat Loss Journey

In the twisted labyrinth of physique alchemy, where the quest for muscle and strength mirrors a never-ending odyssey, chronic studies with dietary protein emerge as the sacred scrolls of enlightenment. For those seeking to sculpt sinewy masterpieces out of their mortal vessels, the journey extends far beyond the fleeting euphoria of acute experiments. Chronic

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Plant vs Meat Meals – What is Better For More Muscle?

The nerds are back at it in the lab looking a the difference this time in a cool study (1) from Dr Luke van Loon’s lab where they compared a vegan meal to a meat based meal and its effect on nerdy measure like MPS aka muscle protein synthetic response. In this brand new

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Episode 235: Boosting Brain Health through Nutrition with Dr. Dwayne Jackson

Join us on this episode of the Flex Diet Podcast for a riveting conversation with Dr. Dwayne Jackson as we explore the world of neuroprotection and the critical role nutrition plays in it. We dig into the potentially harmful effects of

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Cold Water vs. GainZ and Aerobic Work

Ah, home sweet home! In a bit, two former M3 online clients will be here for a fun day of learning, lifting, assessments, and much more. Wahoo! One of the “fun things” we will do is cold water immersion (CWI) in the sealed chest freezer in the Extreme Human Performance Center filled with 47

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