Episode 233: Exploring the Science of Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Matthew Stratton

On today's episode of the Flex Diet Podcast, Dr. Matthew Statton and I delve deep into the science of intermittent fasting, providing valuable insights and practical tips on how to incorporate it into your lifestyle effectively. From understanding the various types

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The Real High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Mad GainZ

Here is an overlooked system to train for increased recovery ability and to be more robust. The first system was temperature and the second system is pH. Your body has to regulate both core temp and blood pH very tight. Small deviations = no bueno. Since your body is an amazing adaptive organism, you

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How To Build More Muscle: The Battle of EAAs vs BCAAs

Poke around the internet and it gets confusing in the land of supplements Here is a question I got the other day. “Hey doc, I heard that BCAAs are not useful at all for adding muscle. Is this true? Thanks." - Mark If you are old like me, you remember back to the stone

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Want to make faster progress towards your goals of better performance, body comp, and more muscle? Me too! Want to know one of the main keys? Of course, shut up and tell me already. Here you go: “Fail forward as fast as possible.” Yep, fail. Not as in taking each and very rep to

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Episode 479 Iron Radio – Listener mail & News

*From www.IronRadio.org http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/479IronRadio_Mail_News.mp3 After a brief crowd-sourcing announcement from Dr. L, the guys tackle a wide variety of listener mail and news topics such as . . . collagen supplements muscle protein synthesis timelines unstable overhead exercises effects of a high body mass index muscle soreness Ecompression garments for recovery the cognitive effects of simply

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