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Paleo Magazine Radio Ep. 243: There’s More to Fitness than Exercise *From Recently, Ashleigh VanHouten interviewed me for Paleo Magazine Radio, and we chatted about fitness beyond exercise. In it, we discussed: An introduction the NEAT concept and its difference...

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Episode 497 Iron Radio – Topic Holiday Topics & News

child rights in india essay topics *from Holiday Topics & News On this Thanksgiving weekend, news and listener mail are once again accumulating, so Dr. Lowery, Phil and I talk shop.   Topics...

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Ancestral Wiring – Handling Stress in a Modern World It was my honor to be able to speak this September at the Ancestral Health Symposium in Seattle, WA. My topic was Ancestral “Wiring in Modern Society:¬† The Impact...

Bioenergetics – Fuel Use and Metabolic Flexibility

get link Here is a short video on how your body uses the two main fuels – fat and carbs via bioenergetics. If you enjoyed this one, come to my talk...

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