The Real High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Mad GainZ

Here is an overlooked system to train for increased recovery ability and to be more robust. The first system was temperature and the second system is pH. Your body has to regulate both core temp and blood pH very tight. Small deviations = no bueno. Since your body is an amazing adaptive organism, you

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3 Metabolic Tests from Resting Metabolic Rate to VO2 max

With zero travel on the docket and a little more time to experiment, I decided to run a few metabolic tests from the relative comfort of my garage. Heavy Metal blasting - check. Weird face mask - check. Rower and bike - check. Let's do this. Metabolic Test 1: Post Rower Fuel Use What happens

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VO2 Max: The Forgotten Factor in Your Training

Another factor that you may have not considered is your current VO2 max This goes by other names such as "aerobic base" or 'aerobic capacity." I am not going to split a hairy rat's butt hairs about the difference. Typically you can get a VO2 max test done with fancy equipment, but what if you

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