The Ready State Podcast Discusses Flex Diet with Dr Kelly and Juliet Starrett

Check out The Ready State Podcast I did with Dr. Kelly Starrett and his wonderful wife Juliet all about the Flex Diet! >> The Ready State Podcast w Dr. Mike T Nelson << Listen in. We covered everything from . . . Metabolism My MS thesis on a project that was so classified that I wasn’t even

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The Trifecta of Recovery – Can you guess it?

You know that you need to train in order to get dem' gainZ, but what then? Boring big basics here are best for recovery. Yawn... ...before you tune out, I have something new that can help you. At the top of the list, based on physiologic impact for recovery, is sleep. If I could wave

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All About Light with Thaddeus Owen from Primal Hacker

Greetings from Minnesota where I'm spending the week with Dr. Schmoe at The Functional Neurology Center. More to come on that later... For now, take a listen as I geek out with Thaddeus Owen about all things light-related: colors, physiologic effects, circadian rhythm, and more. Learn how Thaddeus used light therapy to overcome extreme anxiety

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My #1 Most HATED Recovery Tip

What's my most hated recovery tip? You may be guessing it is some horrible cold water immersion or boring AF treadmill work. Good guess, but nope. My #1 recovery tip..... …..sleep more! It's a paradox since clients universally hated it when I talked about sleep with them; however, they loved the results when they actually did it. Sleep

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Control Your Response to Stress…Kryptonite to your Gainz

During this time when everything is "different" than life before COVID  19, every chance I've had to think and talk about managing stress . . I take it. We may be feeling more worry and anxiety than ever, but there are some simple ways to control your response to stress. We are in this together

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Why you do NOT need motivation to train like pro

There I said it. I am not a fan of motivation. I am not against motivation; I don't count on it - either with my training or with clients who train with me. Why? It's not needed. Ask yourself - how many training sessions would you do if you only train when you're motivated? I bet it

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Survive to Thrive: Metabolic Flexibility and Intermittent Fasting

Now, more than ever is the perfect time to be a robust, butt-kicking human by using metabolic flexibility and intermittent fasting. Be harder to kill than a cockroach. This applies to your life, including nutrition. Check out my full talk here on "Survive to Thrive with Metabolic Flexibility and Intermittent Fasting" as part of the

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