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Dr. Ruscio Radio: Carbs vs. Keto Debate with Dr. Eric Westman and Dr. Mike Nelson *From A carbs vs. keto debate with 2 doctors and moderated by Dr. Ruscio. This friendly debate is brought to you by Dr. Ruscio Radio. Dr. Ruscio invited...

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Episode 499 Iron Radio – Guest Kyle Dobbs; Topic Warm-ups for Big Lifts *from In Episode 499 of Iron Radio, the guys and I speak with Kyle Dobbs.  We chat about more advanced issues surrounding warm-ups for the big three movements...

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Health Simple Podcast Episode 40: Metabolic Flexibility | Becoming Efficient At Burning Carbs and Fat *From Why is it important to become efficient at burning carbs and fat?  Kyle Reidhead interviews yours truly for answers to that metabolic flexibility question . . ....

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Anti-Aging / Longevity Will Be The Next Keto “Anti-aging / longevity will be the next Keto.  It is coming and it will happen. “ That was my claim on the ole Flakebook the other day, and I...

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Paleo Magazine Radio Ep. 243: There’s More to Fitness than Exercise *From Recently, Ashleigh VanHouten interviewed me for Paleo Magazine Radio, and we chatted about fitness beyond exercise. In it, we discussed: An introduction the NEAT concept and its difference...

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Episode 498 Iron Radio – Topic Add 20 Pounds to Your Deadlift in a DAY

follow site *from Can you add 20 pounds to your deadlift in a Day? On the latest episode of Iron Radio and after we cover the usual news, Coach Stevens offers...

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